Rei 17


"Don’t you dare say that about him."

Someone was talking behind Nagisa’s back, and Rei couldn’t help but physically intervene. He escaped with bruises, cuts, and broken glasses, but at least he was able to protect what was most important to him.

Thank you for requesting badass butterfly, anon! 

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inspired by amoosebouche's lovely art

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people were doing screencap redraws of dmmd episode 3 so i wanted to try too!! but„ a bit more seriously i guess =v= (though its still doodly)

i am glad we at least were given an anime but at the same time… it is nice that they will be redoing the first 3 episodes haha


Prints for Comifuro 4 and Popcon Asia 2014

might add Mizuki/Virus/Trip/Sei later!

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